Rain, Rain, Go Away

A few weeks ago I bought a car from my grandma, it’s a great car and one that my grandmother was sad to part with but she was in need of something different and the car she had was perfect for me. This past Friday, on my way home from work, a guy blew a red light going 65 mph and ran right into me and my grandma’s car. By the grace of God I wasn’t hurt and my car is fixable which is a relief. It was a bad situation but it turned out to be an incredible story. Through that accident I met a handful of amazing people who sat with me, hugged me, and encouraged me for an hour and a half until the entire ordeal was over and I could drive home.

Our sermon at church a couple of weeks ago was preached on Romans 8:28-39 and it tells of God’s never ending love for his people, the perfect plan he has, and the wonderful ways he works in the lives of those he has called to him. Despite what happens in my life I know that God is on his throne and is being glorified through whatever path he has set out before me. Often times I pray for God’s blessings in my life and while I can clearly see them I can also see the struggles that he allows me to go through. This past weekend has reminded me that though we might not like the rain, it’s what brings growth. Likewise, the struggles we go through are often what refine us. Sometimes I get so caught up in hoping that the rain will pass that I forget to look for the good that will come from it.