On the Up and Up

So far, this is one of my favorite images created this year. It was so much fun to put together and I’m realizing that strange lighting is becoming a big motivator for me. I’m all about that light! Much of this photo was about me trying a new editing technique. I really do love putting together levitation images because I have always loved the idea of flying and dream about it often. Because of this though, levitation photos are a fallback for me when I’m feeling uninspired. Almost as if, “I can’t think of anything new and exciting… where’s a place I haven’t levitated before???”. With this image though I was transforming my comfort with levitation photos and turning it into something completely different for me which felt good. This year has been full of so much growth for me and my conceptual photography!

This image has personal significance to me because of the events that have transpired within the past couple of weeks. Since I was recently in a car accident things have been messy and getting my life back to normal has taken time. I’m at the point now where the worst is over and I’m moving forward again. It feels good!