“Loved you then, love you still, always have, always will.”

I love going to the Asheville Arboretum for family portraits because of its relaxed feel and gorgeous views. Prior to this session, I had only gone to the Arboretum during the week and each time was pleasantly surprised to find that my clients and I were some of the few people there. I was pushing my luck to think the same thing would happen for this beautiful family’s session. When I pulled into the parking lot the entire thing was packed! There were people everywhere!  I was so worried that there were simply going to be too many people to take the photos I had planned for. I said a few nervous prayers and walked in to do my best. Once again, God provided and despite the number of people the Arboretum did not disappoint! We had a wonderful time basking in the sun and laughing throughout the session. I can honestly say that all of my clients are so much fun to work with but these kids were such a riot! They kept us laughing the entire time!