As with most of my clients, Olivia tried telling me that she was quite unphotogenic… and then, like all of my clients, she proceeded to rock her session like a model! I get it. For many of us, stepping in front of a camera is a daunting task. Hopefully these few tricks help ensure you feel confident and photogenic when it’s time for your session!

1. Want to look like a million bucks? Pamper yourself so you feel like a million bucks! Get your nails done or have someone do your hair and makeup for you. You don’t have to go to the salon if you don’t want to – have a family member or friend who’s good at doing hair help you out. There’s something about getting to relax while someone else pampers you that sets the tone for confidence!

2. Bring along some moral support – I want you to have fun during your session! I love it when people bring a friend or encouraging family member to be a part of their session, it can be so helpful to have someone who reminds you to not take yourself too seriously! That being said, rest assured, tons of fun will be had whether your bring along some support or not!

3. Embrace your sense of style! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought a special outfit for an event and I look back on photos thinking how uncomfortable I look because I was trying to embrace something that wasn’t me. It’s frustrating. Over the years I’ve learned that there’s nothing wrong with trying something new but there’s also something to be said for the tried and true things that just work for us. When you feel confident in an outfit it shows!