Lost Time

Last week marked the first week in 2016 that I didn’t create a conceptual image. To be honest I knew it would happen sooner rather than later but this in no way diminished my disappointment. One of my biggest struggles in life is against the clock, I am forever running late to things. If I have an appointment at 9:15 you can count on me being there at 9:20 on the nose. It’s not that I lack respect for others’ time, or even a watch that tells the correct hour, my tardiness lies in the simple belief that I have more time to complete tasks than I actually do. See, in addition to being perpetually late I am also constantly adding things to my plate. Regardless of whether it fits in my schedule, I have an interest in doing it, or am skilled to complete the task in any way, if someone asks me to do something chances are I’ll accept without hesitation. This also goes for taking on personal projects out of obligation. I’m a slow learner but slowly I am learning that saying no to others, and even myself, is sometimes the better choice. Maybe if I can master the use of a firm “No”, my internal clock will cease to be five minutes in the past. It’s a long shot but one that just might work. It would also probably help if I didn’t like to sleep in so much… but that’s a discussion for another day!

Behind the scenes…