House of Cards

For those of you who don’t know I am doing a photography challenge during 2016 where I post one conceptual image every week for a year. I have been so proud of myself because for the past four weeks I’ve been on time for releasing my weekly image… and then I realized that I wasn’t posting the photos on here! I have been releasing them on Facebook (here) every Sunday but that’s about the extent of it. So here I am, finally catching up on posting my last three images.

This image is one that I’ve held inside for about a year. The edges of it were a bit fuzzy in my mind and I couldn’t quite nail down the details so I kept putting it off. It existed only in my photography journal until one day I decided to just jump right in to see what would happen and this was the result. This image represents the many times I’ve poured my heart and soul into an endeavor just to watch it all crumble to the ground. It can be a heartbreaking experience but it can also be a refreshing and it reminds me that there is hope and light in starting anew.